We provide holistic solutions to improve one’s environmental footprint and to actively support transformations towards sustainability.

Thereby we follow our vision to empower any person to lead their own sustainability journey.


In order to incorporate sustainability ideas into corporate decisions, you need conviction – an individual conviction on the part of the decision-makers.

We offer companies a learning and experience platform for managers to make consistently usable the idea of „starting with oneself and then transferring the findings into entrepreneurial action”.

Here, one’s own life environmental impacts are assessed and the foundation is laid for further steps on the way to more sustainability in one’s personal life as well as in the transformation of the company.


We offer holistic sustainability consulting services that provide companies with a comprehensive understanding of the environmental and social impacts of their businesses. Scientifically sound and applying state-of-the-art standards and methods, our consultancy assists you setting courageous impact reduction targets and working consistently towards executing your reduction and compensation strategy.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
Science-based emission reduction strategies


On the way to a sustainable company, information, communication, persuasion, new learning and relearning are needed. To be able to offer our clients holistic solutions, greenzero has brought the HQ Group into the team. In this way we combine professionalism with digital methodological competence. When it comes to internal communication, management events, sustainability reports, a learning campaign or individual learning media, you should keep reading …

Sustainability Reports
In-house Sustainability Education
Customer Communications



Prof. Dr. Matthias Finkbeiner TU Berlin

Prof. Dr. Matthias Finkbeiner

Chair of Sustainable Engineering, TU Berlin & Co-Founder
Portrait greenzero Co-Founder Dirk Gratzel

Dr. Dirk C. Gratzel

Creator & Co-Founder
Dr. Nikolay Minkov

Dr. Nikolay Minkov

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Marcus Weniger

Managing Director

Oliver Aberle

Senior Consultant Digital Media
Klaus Cirkel

Klaus Cirkel

Director of Business Development & Senior Consultant
Antonin Côme

Antonin Côme

LCA Data Analyst

Christian Cub

Manager Marketing & Operations
Mariana Dantas Moura

Mariana Dantas Moura

Environmental & LCA Data Analyst (Working Student)

Kristin Ertl

Marketing & Business Development
Marcel Görmer

Marcel Görmer

Senior LCA & Sustainability Consultant
Christian Greb

Christian Greb

Psychology & CX

Marc Laufert

Art Director
Dr. Natalia Mikosch

Dr. Natalia Mikosch

LCA & Sustainability Consultant

Kristiana Schill

Graphic Design

Dirk Wasmer

Senior Consultant Digital Media

Michael Woywode

Creative Director & Senior Consultant Digital Media
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